Discipleship, Not Just Membership:

As Disciples of St. John, we continually seek God’s guidance to grow in our faith and share the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ.  The following represents our guidelines for being Christ’s Disciple.


1.  view their connection to the church as automatic based on previous activity, family history or denominational affiliation.

2.  stay connected in case someone gets sick, dies, needs to get married or has a baby.

3.  view their money, time and talent as their own and so see stewardship as duty alone given only when they feel they are able.

4.  see corporate worship as optional and equal to any other activity the church may offer.

5.  see spiritual growth through the study of God’s Word as optional often relying on what they have already once learned.

6.  often don’t know other members.

7.  seldom give witness to their faith to others and rarely invite friends to church with them when they do come.

8.  see their church life and their personal life as separate.

9.  are easily angered by things they perceive as not going their way and protest by not coming to church or by withholding their offering.

10. know little about the ministry and mission goals of their church and how activities are planned around those goals.


1.  view their connection to the church as a privilege, not an entitlement, as it is renewed daily through the grace and mercy of Christ.

2.  stay connected as they understand His mercy is given through the ministry of Word and Sacrament during times of worship.

3.  view all that they have and are as God’s entrusted to their care to build His Kingdom and know they always are able to share as God abundantly provides for all their needs. 

4.  see corporate worship as vital and unique from the other activities done at church.

5.  are hungry for God’s Word seeking to grow in their understanding of God’s truth even through review. 

6. try to get to know other members and become familiar with them. 

7.  openly share their faith in word and live their faith in deed in the opportunities God gives. 

8.   see their church life and personal life as one.

9.  seek mutual peace and what is best for the church as a whole never placing their worship or stewardship on the line.

10. support and participate in the ministry and mission objectives of their church which they had a hand in formulating.