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The Voice – December 2011

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“Real Christmas” So it’s Christmas.  Are you sure?  There isn’t any snow to clue us in like in some parts of the world.  Christmas decorations have been up at malls and on city streets for some time now.  Maybe Christmas has passed and nobody’s taken things down yet or maybe they’re getting a really big jump on next year? […]

The Voice – November 2011

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Fixing America and the Universe   Penn Jillette, of the Penn and Teller magic and comedy duo, recently wrote an editorial about the unhealthy merger of politics and Evangelical Christianity since the 70’s (Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion was the starting point of this Christian usurping of the American political scene, he says).  He’s an […]

The Voice – September 2011

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“The Power of Punctuation” “Conjunction junction, what’s my function?”Remember that one.Grammar rock… what a gift to modern learning.Well, not so modern any more but those tunes stuck with me.If nothing else, those little Saturday morning cartoons about the English language impressed me with the truth that grammar and words have life.And they can have power, […]

Why I’m Not an Atheist – Part 11 (Final)

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            Momma always told me that it was right to say thank you to those who’ve done you a service.  So atheists of the world, “thank you”. Thank you for forcing us Christians to reconsider the basis for our faith both in Scripture and in the evidence of creation and come away […]