At St. John, we believe in the saying, “Discipleship, Not Just Membership.” What does that mean?As we grow in our faith, our joy of knowing Christ as our Savior grows, too. We seek to express that joy by becoming involved in our church, taking our Christian walk seriously, showing our faith in all that we do, and seeking God’s will for how we can best serve Him with our time, talents, and treasures. Read below for more information about what being a disciple of Christ (and not just a church member) is all about.

A Disciple of Jesus Christ is…

… a follower of Christ, not of this world; a leader who sets an example in love, kindness and moral choices;

… a faithful worshipper who is eager to be in God’s House not out of duty nor to be entertained but out of the desire to receive the free gifts of grace uniquely offered there and then; who is a person of prayer and song offering thanksgiving to God;

… a student of Scripture learning regularly God’s Word such that one can discern truth from error; offer godly counsel and encouragement and stand firm in the Biblical confession;

… a witness who can testify of the joy of the Gospel hope that is within them and lives that witness in the service of love to one’s neighbor;

… a peace-maker not given to anger, rage, bitterness or grudges but seeks what builds the mutual peace and cherishes the unity of true Christian fellowship;

… a steward who gives cheerfully their time, money and talents knowing that all is the Lord’s and that they are part of the Body of Christ and their gifts are needed in fulfilling the congregation’s ministry;

… a champion who daily celebrates the victory we have in Christ who conquered sin and death, not a victim who mopes around in emotional poverty and spiritual malaise; yet also one who is humble and penitent and counts greatness only in the Lord;

… a servant who considers the height of greatness to follow the model of Christ who taught to love others even as you would yourself and gave Himself for those He loved;

… a visionary seeing by faith what God can and is doing and knowing that they have a place in the Kingdom of Heaven through Christ’s merit yet make the most of every day to extend His Kingdom of Grace on earth as we await His blessed return.

… grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.” ~ 1 Peter 2:2,3