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WDLS – Introduction

by mcurley

               The great Reformer, Martin Luther, was rarely at a loss for words.  He spoke, preached and wrote prolifically on a gamut of subjects.  Of course, his favorite subject was the Gospel and the centrality of the cross of Jesus for sinner’s salvation.  As we are taking up that subject in Luther’s “theology of the […]

WDLS – Fasting

by mcurley

               We have begun Lent with the traditional text of Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness being tempted by the devil.  To be sure this was a spiritual battle that our Lord fought against the evil foe on our behalf.  But while spiritual, it had a physical dimension, too. Jesus fasted for those 40 days, […]

WDLS – The Wrath of God

by mcurley

               There wouldn’t even be a Christian faith if not for the wrath of God.  This sounds so ironic as the central message of Christianity concerns the love of God in Christ.  Christianity moreover asserts that the very essence of God is love.  Yet, this love is anything but shallow.  God’s love is manifested as […]

WDLS – Sin

by mcurley

               Of sin, Luther had much to say.  Fewer topics dominated his writing and preaching more.  This, of course, led to the greatest topic for Luther- the Gospel.  For the central message of Christianity is the Gospel as the Good News to sinners that God forgives them their sins and spares them from eternal judgment.  […]

WDLS – Confessing Sin

by mcurley

               For now almost 500 years, Christians have been singing Martin Luther’s poetic rendering of Psalm 130.  The hymn he wrote in 1523 based on that psalm is a true confession of sin.  But now Luther’s confession had taken a new course.  Certainly he believed sin was ever damnable.  But now he saw also the […]

WDLS – Vicarious Satisfaction

by mcurley

            Martin Luther’s opening to an exposition on Psalm 22 expresses the very meaning of “vicarious satisfaction”, a theological term that is the essence of Christ’s saving work on behalf of sinners. He wrote, “In His Passion Christ actually assumed or took upon Himself the sins of all men.”  Vicarious satisfaction means that Jesus took […]