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Lutheran Dogmatics – The End of the World (Part 13)

by mcurley

Studying the end times (the area of theology known as eschatology) persists as a popular subject among many Christians.  The Book of Revelation mystifies but enthralls many as do OT books like Daniel, Ezekiel and Zephaniah.  Trying to figure out when Jesus will come with the triumph of His Kingdom is central to that fascination […]

Lutheran Dogmatics – Election (Part 12)

by mcurley

The doctrine of election is sadly often neglected for its complexity.  However, though this biblical teaching can be difficult to manage only through human logic, it is at the same time a wonderfully comforting teaching of the faith.  Simply put, divine election holds that we who are saved have been chosen by God from eternity […]

Lutheran Dogmatics – Can Salvation be Lost? (Part 11)

by mcurley

In my sermon on Jesus’ Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13), I liken the oil in the virgin’s lamps to faith.  This is the usual interpretation of the metaphor.  Like oil in a lamp, faith in the heart can run dry.  Is this only a matter of strong versus weak faith.  No, for while […]

You’re Not So Big

by mcurley

“You’re not so big”.  That’s what I’d say finally to an atheist because in their militant denial of God they are in effect saying they are the biggest thing.  They know more than God.  They can explain the origins of life and the universe and can study the furthest reaches of the stars.  Morality has […]

Unexpected Benefits

by mcurley

For some time now I’ve been on a quest for a simpler, quieter life.  This means in part that I’ve been trying to reduce and reuse.  Be content with what I have and do with even less.  Get rid of the clutter.   It really is amazing the layers that come with each year of life […]