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Thank God for Science (Part 1)

by mcurley

Many people still think of scientists as either those confusing Einstein types with the crazy hair creating the latest death ray or geeky lab guys in white coats who simply can’t get a date on Saturday night.  Those stereotypes just aren’t true today if they ever were.  First, women make up a large and growing […]

The Chicken, of Course

by mcurley

Who cares why the chicken crossed the road.  I want to know how the chicken got there in the first place.   I mean, which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Chickens come from eggs but eggs are laid by chickens.  So you arguably couldn’t have a chicken unless an egg was laid from which […]

Changing Bad Habits

by mcurley

Did you brush your teeth this morning?  I’m sure you did but what is interesting is that I’m also sure you didn’t even think about it.  Just like your morning cup of coffee, favorite cereal and familiar route to work.  You just did them without consciously thinking as if on auto-pilot.  Your routines are a […]

The Problem of Perspective

by mcurley

Do you remember as a kid doing the floating finger trick?  You told someone you could magically make a finger appear to float before their eyes.  All they had to do was stare straight ahead and either using their own two index fingers or yours brought together at the tip, all of a sudden there […]

Fill in the Blank

by mcurley

May was a ___________ month.  We said “goodbye” to three of our family at St. John.  Ruth, Teresa and Elmer.  Each went home to Heaven in the afterglow of the Church’s celebration of our Lord’s resurrection. We also held our memorial blood drive that month in honor of another now absent brother, Brian.  So maybe […]

A World Without Sin

by mcurley

Let’s say you saw a pretty picture hanging in a gallery.  You really liked it.  But then someone told you that Adolf Hitler had painted it.  Would you still like it the same?  Probably not.  Knowing that an infamous murderer and instigator of World War II was the artist changes how you now see the […]