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Summer Series: What makes life worth living?

by mcurley

Maybe you could even rephrase this question as “what is happiness” or even “what is the meaning of life”?  Heavy stuff but yet we all ask questions like these especially as we grow older.  As Christians, we want to live in Christ and not merely exist for we are more than just created by God; […]

Summer Series: What about lodge membership in the LCMS?

by mcurley

This question doesn’t come up a lot lately but still is a matter of proper faith and practice and so is a point worthy of review.  Our constitution lists lodges and other such fraternal orders that we can’t, in good conscience, have dual membership with as members of St. John or as Christians, really.  This […]

Summer Series: What happens to people who commit suicide?

by mcurley

If you follow the logic of “Beetlejuice”, those who commit suicide wind up being civil servants in the afterlife.  But that’s just a movie.  This topic is much more serious than Hollywood can deal with.  The common wisdom in the Church has often been that people who commit suicide are on a fast track straight […]