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Summer Series: Does Everyone Have a Guardian Angel?

by mcurley

First, by “everyone” I’m going to say I mean for our discussion “Christians”.  It’s another Bible study to see what role angels play in the lives of all people.  That angels watch over and guard God’s people is clearly established in Scripture, though.  Let’s look at  Psalm 34:7, 91:11, 12, Hebrews 1:14 and 2 Kings […]

Summer Series: Do Lutherans Do Exorcisms?

by mcurley

Our study of ghosts last time raised the subject of demons.  They are clearly real as recorded numerous places in the Bible.  We were warned about engaging them intentionally or from dabbling in occult activities.  But what happens if some ignore this warning?  What do we do for those who are snared in the net […]

Summer Series: Do You Believe in Ghosts, part 3

by mcurley

As we learned last time, the Bible isn’t crystal clear with all the details of the timeline between physical death and the Judgment Day.  Several opinions are offered by Christians to account for where the spirit goes after someone dies and yet, in our time at least, the Judgment Day is still forthcoming; Lutherans generally […]

Summer Series: Do You Believe in Ghosts, part 2

by mcurley

So the Bible only has one recorded “ghost sighting” in Moses at the Mount of Transfiguration.  Jesus walking on water, after His resurrection and Peter when released from jail all were thought to be either a ghost, spirit or angel (immaterial presence of a person thought dead or not physically present) but each encounter came […]

Summer Series: Do You Believe in Ghosts

by mcurley

Through the years I’ve heard many “ghost stories” as a Pastor from members and not just at the church campout (we’ll leave time at the end to hear some).  Usually it involves a recently deceased family member or friend who visits or in some way makes their presence known.  Usually also they are positive encounters […]