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Anatomy of a Steward – Part 4 of 4

by mcurley

Evangelism – Introduction: Sometimes a person doesn’t have an opportunity to develop a long dialogue with someone about the Bible.   Not everyone you meet will be able to become your best friend with whom you share Jesus and the Gospel with over many years.  Building on a long time relationship is obviously the best way […]

Anatomy of a Steward – Part 3 of 4

by mcurley

Stewardship Principles – Introduction: Debt is like a “monkey on your back”. Like an addiction, it can rob you of the joy of life by having worry consume all of your daily thoughts and hope for a bright future. Shakespeare put it, “Neither a borrow nor a lender be”. Good way to stay out of […]

Anatomy of a Steward – Part 2 of 4

by mcurley

God’s Ownership – Introduction: An important stewardship principle is our knowing that everything belongs to God. So often we forget that and think of ourselves as self-made and our accomplishments as being the result of our hard work and abilities. But where did those abilities come from? Who gives us opportunity to use them? We […]

Alive in Christ

by mcurley

O.K., O.K… I admit it!  It’s a guilty pleasure.  It could be worse.  I… I…I enjoy watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV show.  (exhale) There.  I said it.  I’m human like the rest of you but you already knew that, huh. Really it isn’t so bad.  As shows go these days, aside from the zombie […]

Anatomy of a Steward – Part 1 of 4

by mcurley

Is the Practice of Tithing Commanded in the New Testament? Introduction  One common mistake in Christian stewardship is to call any offering a “tithe”.  A tithe is a very specific offering; a tenth, or 10%, of one’s wealth or regular income.  It first appears as an offering of Abram to the priest-king Melchizedek (Genesis 14:20).  […]