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by mcurley

Condensation sounds as if I’m going to give a little science lecture.  I’m not.  All I remember anyway is to say when water vapor cools it condenses into liquid like when the clouds begin to rain or snow or when the steam in the shower begins to run as water down the outside of the […]

50…Now What Do I Do?

by mcurley

Why do we do what we do anyway?  Choices.  Sure but then what really dictates our choices?  I’m not so positive that we are always in control of them and I’m not just saying that our options are limited.  I know I can’t “choose” to headline the band line-up for Coachella because I don’t play […]

Church, Schmurch

by mcurley

We can all relax a little as Christians.  In a recent survey, people generally like Jesus.  They think He’s a swell guy.  They like what He says about judging not lest you be judged and loving your neighbor.  They admire His simple lifestyle.  Some even respect His grit.  It so often seems like we have […]

Alive in Christ

by mcurley

O.K., O.K… I admit it!  It’s a guilty pleasure.  It could be worse.  I… I…I enjoy watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV show.  (exhale) There.  I said it.  I’m human like the rest of you but you already knew that, huh. Really it isn’t so bad.  As shows go these days, aside from the zombie […]

The Voice – January 2012

by mcurley

“Why Bother?”                 I wasn’t really sure I should have gotten out of bed this morning, let alone write this article.  I mean, the world is going to end in less than a year.  December 21, 2012, to be precise as say the Mayans and they should know being the scientists of their day and […]